The Race for Customer Service Excellence is On – An Interview with Jim Iyoob

Customers now have the right of way. What used to be a one way street service in the world of business, has become a platform in making sure the customer is placed high on a pedestal. Companies know that a happy customer is the beating heart of their organization. In the race for success, companies

25 Skills for Amazing Customer Service – Try Them NOW

Do you feel you need to boost your Customer Service efforts?  Well don’t worry because for many company, its customers are the focal point for success. It is very important to take on a few skills that will enable amazing customer service skills that will dramatically make and improve an agents engagement with their customers.

8 Tips to Shift from Reactive to Proactive Customer Service

Many businesses prefer to focus their approach on fighting customer problems as they come to the surface. Although such method can satisfy the customer at first, it will certainly not delight or surprise your audience. What if, instead, you’d address their issues before they even get to think of them? Here’s how you can do

Part 2: Tips to Motivate Agents in the Call Center Without Incentives

In part 1, I discussed the idea they you need to maintain motivation in the call center by incentivizing.  Sometimes though, its not in your budget to start offering huge bonuses of mini vacations, new flat screen TV, or even an iPad.  Instead you need to find solutions to motivate agents without losing part of