8 Customer Service Tweets You Should Read This Week

Knowledge is power, and Twitter is filled with knowledge. In just 140 characters (or less) at a time, top customer service influencers share fascinating and enriching insights, which can easily disappear in a sea of tweets. This is why I am happy to share with you 8 great tweets I encountered this week, and thought

Great Infographic: Transport Customers to a Self-Service Portal

When it comes to customer support one of the most frustrating aspects is waiting for a representative to respond. Self-service centers solve this problem by allowing the customer to find answers on their own. This infographic by Salesforce shows some key facts about self-service centers. 72% of people think customer portals are a fast and

April Fool’s Day: Support Agents Vocabulary

Would you complete a 5-minutes survey about your experience today?” “Can I put you on hold for just one sec” “Have you tried to turn it off and then on again?” “Wait, your printer is on fire?!” If you are well-experienced customer service manager or support agent, you know these sentences by heart. This video,

First Call Resolution Tips to Follow

First call resolution tips form an important area for the success of any call center of any institution so it’s essential you are always improving. First Call Resolution Tips to Follow 1. Understand Issues at Hand and Solve Them This is the number one tip when considering first call resolution. There may be a number

WalkMe at Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress, taking place March 2-5 in Barcelona, is the world’s leading event for mobile technology, and a gathering of some of the biggest telecom, mobile and other technology companies all in one place. We would like to invite you to meet with the WalkMe team and see for yourself how simple and easy online self-service is no longer

5 Ways to Show Love to Your Customers This Valentine’s Day

(Originally Posted on Call Center Solutions Community) With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there is a great opportunity to appreciate the special people in your life. February is described as the ‘Month of Love’ but this love is not limited to those in a relationship. On this day, customers and consumers also look for ways to

7 Online Obstacles that Derail Your Customer Success Efforts

* This article is part of a White Paper called “What Telecom Customers Expect from Your Website and how to Exceed Their Expectations.” What are the some of the problems inherent in trying to deliver the best possible customer service via traditional avenues? These problems persist in the online environment as there are quite low