Using Customer Preferences to Improve Customer Support

The best customer service is as a result of understanding customer preferences. The structure in which a business builds its customer support should always be in response to the needs and wants of the customers. This is guaranteed to improve how regular business runs and optimize it for more efficiency. A lot of businesses choose

Engaging your Customers Using Multiple Support Channels

Before social media or dynamic websites, how would customers contact a company for support? For the most part it would be via email, telephones or even physical letters. Companies could take their time and craft the perfect response. However while that was going on, the customer would be left waiting. Those were the days! In

Customer Service Team Leader Skills For The Success Of An Organization

A customer service team leader takes immense pride and pleasure in providing exceptionally courteous and responsive support to all customers in a professional manner. This ensures that each and every individual has an excellent experience. A team leader should be highly patient, assertive, committed and quick to resolve problems. They are responsible for ensuring complete

Labor Day is the Time to Refocus your Call Center

Summer vacation is coming to an end and your business is getting back into full swing. Labor Day is the perfect time to refocus your call center. With the new season comes another opportunity to increase efficiency, improve organization and keep your call center on the cutting edge. The demands of the customer and the

How To Build A Digital Customer Engagement Strategy

What exactly is digital customer engagement and why it is considered so very important in today’s highly competitive markets? In plain and simple words customer engagement is all about being in touch with the customer. The main objective of such strategy is to ensure that the customers keep coming back to the same products or

Drive Customer Satisfaction Using Context-Aware Engagement

You. That’s who we support. Not just any “you”. It’s a very specific YOU. It’s YOU doing exactly what you’re doing at this exact moment. These days, customers are becoming increasingly partial to a more personalized online experience. By providing personalized, context-specific engagement, businesses can help their online users to feel more like significant individuals,

3 Tips for Improving Customer Support

Building a strong connection with customers is crucial for your business to stay competitive and to offer better customer support. I write a lot about customer service a lot on this blog, but I’ll stress it again: Strong products and services are important, but a real and meaningful connection with your customers will keep them