Top 5 Articles On Keeping Your Agents (Happy)!

In order to continue providing the best customer support a company has to offer, it is crucial to ensure the retention of the corresponding quality agents who do the providing. To start the year off right, make sure you are looking inward as well as outward and keeping your agents happy so that in turn

How to Improve Call Center Performance

As customer experience and service is increasingly becoming a strategic priority for companies, the need to improve call center performance seems to have become one of the most crucial aspects for success. With advent in the trend of customer service, call center leaders have come under more pressure to ramp up their center performance. Having

Continuous Improvement Techniques to Know

Implementing continuous improvement techniques promotes an ongoing effort to improve processes, products or services. These efforts can seek “breakthrough” improvement all at one or “incremental” improvement over time. The key objectives included in it are the innovation, creativity, time management, preparation as well as some other important tools that are required to get continuous improvements

Have You Got a Customer Service Philosophy ?

Have you got a customer service philosophy?  This is a question that any service provider, designer of user experiences and pretty much any other professional outlet should stop and ask themselves at some point. Often underestimated as not so important to user experience, is in fact one of the key notes in positive user experience

Why Customer Relationship Management Solutions Are Important

Customer relationship management solutions are the best and most effective method in maintaining the good relationship with the current and future customers. In this competitive commercial world, maintaining a good relationship with the current and future customers is a crucial and irresistible thing for a business. CRM  solutions is not just a formal relationship, there

Top 3 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Skills

It’s important to know how you can improve your customer service skills. This is mainly because today’s economy is ruled by customers. You cannot afford to ignore them let alone lose them. When a customer ends a call with your business and they feel satisfied, chances are that he will come back for repeat customer

#Custserv News You don’t want to Miss!

This week has been a busy week for the #custserv world. I have found the 5 top news that you cant afford to miss this week! The retail sector was looked at closely this week!  Mary Portas – Secret Shopper – Are You Being Served? is a show that looks into the state of Customer Services