Listen to Your Employees, Value Your Customers – an interview with influencer Ricardo S. Gulko

Ricardo S. Gulko has been helping large companies as executive and global strategist such as Samsung, Amdocs, Ericsson, Vodafone among several other to enhance their services,delivery, customer experience to ensure customer success with a hands on approach.   In his interview with me, he shared his insights on the current state of the customer service

How CVS’s Customer Service Investment is Expected to Cost CVS $2Billion in Sales – Interview with Mike DeAngelis, CVS

When can great customer service be bad for business? We are told investing in excellent customer service has a strong ROI. So how will CVS lose $2 billion on its customer service investment? Keep reading for this interview which reveals the decision process behind CVS’s bold move to end cigarette sales in October 2014. The

Interview with Staples VP of Contact Center Operations, Jason Blacketer

It was a blogger-dream-come-true- I recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Staples. I’ve always been interested in the Staples’ customer service model because, as such a large enterprise with never-ending competition, keeping customers happy must be a top priority. I needed to know how they kept their customers happy and prevented customers