The Year of Omnichannel Support – 2014 Predictions

Customer service is very important to customers and if a company does not offer great customer service, they will lose customers. With this in mind, companies have been trying to find new ways to communicate with their customers. Not only is it important to have exception customer service, businesses must offer service that is convenient

Think You Know How to Choose the Right Customer Engagement Tools ? Think Again!

You might think that most companies are providing excellent customer service, but that would be an incorrect assumption. In fact, only 10% of customers think they are really getting good service. How important is customer service really? According to helpscout’s recent survey, over 80% of customers find it acceptable to pay more for a service,

How to Train and Groom Perfect Customer Service Representatives?

The Importance of an Engaged Team There exists a very close relationship between how a company treats its employees and how it actually performs in terms of financial growth. Unfortunately at the moment, according to a recent Gallup poll, only 30% of American organizations have come to terms with this reality. Other reports have shown