Another Month of Verizon Strike, as Verizon Struggles to Provide Customer Service

The employees of Verizon are now well into their second month of the strike, and it’s coming at a toll for the company. The workers are striking in order to protest Verizon relocating workers, as well as outsourcing work to outside of the U.S. Company representatives and union officials have been meeting in Washington to

My Favorite Articles This Week on Customer Service

In order to deliver superior customer service, you must understand the consumers’ definition of customer service. Once you understand that, it’s easier to deliver the experience and service they want. Find out how to ditch bad customer service habits, read statistics on the power of positive customer service, see how to convince customers to keep

3 Customer Service Issues You Must Resolve

Sometimes you may think that customer loyalty to a product or company is driven by something positive like good service delivery or low price but that is not always the case. The presence or absence of barriers and friction during service and support encounters are actually the main determinant of customer loyalty. Some of the