What is the Best Tone for Customer Support Email –Interview

By: Amy @IWantItNowBlog Clark I recently came across this interesting study published by Software Advice. It determined the appropriate tone of voice for support agents to use when contacting customers via email. The article stated that, “Using the wrong tone at the wrong time can be off-putting or even downright infuriating to the person on the

This Week’s Best in Customer Engagement

This week’s top five in Customer Engagement help us get a better understanding of the role of customer experience in building loyalty, in determining the role of customer service, and in establishing superior social media experience. 1. 9 Plus 1 Behaviors of Truly Loyal Customers This article by Ron Kaufman  provides an excellent overview of

How to Effectively Handle Customer Service Complaints

Resolving customer service complaints is one of the most challenging tasks that customer service attendants encounter on a daily basis. This proves to be difficult because it is not easy to tell when the complaints will occur, the moods of customers while presenting their issues, and whether they will have ready solutions to their problems.

Infographic: A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned

I love this infographic- it does a great job of demonstrating how companies lose a great deal of money by providing poor customer service. It explains how good customer service is essential for the success of a company and how it can not only help that organization expand its target market, but also boost its

What is a Virtual Contact Center?

A virtual contact center (VCC) also known as ACD (Cloud Automatic Distributor) can be described as a contact center technical option that supports agents who are located in various geographical locations instead of working out of a central physical location. Using this type of centre means that an agent can work from home. In most

Seven Habits of Incredibly Happy Customer Service Managers

Everyone knows that when managers focus on great customer service the result is not only increased profits but also leads to greater job satisfaction. Understanding customers’ problems and forging strong relationships helps to provide customers with the best possible service and will ultimately bring more enjoyment to your work. A recent study released by J.D

Improving Response Times for Better Customer Support

Response times are referred as the time a functional or system unit takes to react to a given input. The customer service of businesses can be improved by quickly responding to their queries and complaints. According to a research done by Eptica it has been revealed that a significant number of contact centers have failed