Continuous Improvement Techniques to Know

Implementing continuous improvement techniques promotes an ongoing effort to improve processes, products or services. These efforts can seek “breakthrough” improvement all at one or “incremental” improvement over time. The key objectives included in it are the innovation, creativity, time management, preparation as well as some other important tools that are required to get continuous improvements

How to Give Great Customer Service

Sometimes it feels like we’ve talked how to give great customer service into the ground, without anyone taking to heart the things we say. Customer service is one of the most important parts of the customer experience, and as we’ve said a billion times now, it is your customer service and support quality that you

Top News for the Customer Service Expert

I’m always busy searching for the latest trends in the world of customer service and support and this week is no exception.  I’ve found the top news to share with you and hope you enjoy it and share with your peers. First up we have a price from Flavio Martins, customer service expert.  He wants

Customer Service News You Need to Catch Up On!

This week has been full of surprises!  Mainly because we have been learning more and more that social media is a valued part of your customer service plan! First up, we have a piece from a major thought leader!  Flavio martins and his great blog have shared this insightful piece about what how you can

The Best Customer Service News from the Week!

This weeks news round up has a heavy focus on great news!  OK, every week I show y0u the best news from the week so this week isn’t any different!  Many are talking about the benefits of social media in customer service and some companies are using new apps such as Vine to answer customers

5 Core Tips for Great Customer Service

I’m continuing my season of the ‘top 5’ in Customer Service.  Last week i mentioned to you my top 5 Thought Leaders. This week I want to highlight the Top 5 tips i have learned from my years in the industry. 1. I’ll start with the most important point ill make today.  Have Empathy.  Understand

Top News You May Have Missed, Tailored to You!

Customer Service has had a busy week and lots of ideas are circulating that connect social media and measuring its success! It’s about positive attitudes that create good vibes that transfer to the customer.   Here are some news sources that i have found just for you! Here is a great piece about why you need customer service best practices. Read