Creating a Customer Service Questionnaire Template

The customer service questionnaire will help you gauge the perception of your customers on the quality of your service or product. The questionnaire will also help to evaluate how your business or a given group of employees are delivering the services to the customers. The satisfaction of customers is the main essence of your business. If they are content with your services, then your business would be flourishing more and more.

A successful business should aim to highlight pleasant experiences and services in order to sustain their existing customers and add more. Having a well designed and developed customer satisfaction survey will help to give you the tips that will guide you in ensuring a desirable experience by the customers. There are several ways to create a questionnaire that appraise the experience of the customers. 

Creating a Customer Service Questionnaire Template

You might create such a questionnaire on the basis of various aspects such as:

• Product or Service Satisfaction: The service or product satisfaction model will have a vast category of question types. These questions focus on attaining the bigger picture of the general customer contentment process. 

• Satisfaction on the Use of a Product: This model, which typically entails multiple pick questions, splits the details about the habits of the customers with the products. The questions in the survey will include the period since the initial product purchase or frequency of product use. It will also include the satisfaction of the given product.

• Retail Store Evaluation: This template will include a table scale that has ratings for satisfaction of the customer. The template will focus on the customers’ satisfaction on the basis of the shopping needs, location opinion, product selection, price and atmosphere. 

• Lease/Auto Purchase Satisfaction: This model is comprehensive and it entails the entire process of customer satisfaction, or the leasing and/or buying of a vehicle. Basically, this template will cover the way a customer felt about the ads or salesperson who lured them to the company. 

Creating the Questionnaire

You can create various types of customer service questionnaire that will cover different sections, but all with an aim of rating the rate or level of satisfaction that a customer receives. 

1. CRS – The Customer Satisfaction Sample

In this template, you will generally ask the customers about the overall service that they received from your business/organization. You will ask the customers about the service representatives, if they were well trained, supervised or if they were friendly. The template also touches on the qualities and services of the manager, if he/she was professional, knowledgeable or if they strongly contribute to the growth of the business. You will also ask if the customers were satisfied with the account manager of the company. Basically, this survey helps to rate the level of services that was offered to the customers and if they were contented. 

2. General Customer Retention and Contentment

Here, you will ask about the frequency of the product use, if it is yearly, daily, monthly or even weekly. You will also ask about how the product delivered results to the customer, basing on the first-use experience, the value, and any other after sales service like repair or warranty. Ask about how satisfied the customer was with the product and if they ever contacted the customer service. The survey should also touch on if the customer was assisted when they contacted the customer service. Try to compare the customers’ experience, based on the satisfaction, with other categories. Also ask if the customers would recommend the product to their friends or other customers, based on their experience. 

3. The Net Promoter Score

This score is evaluated on the basis of one equation that is used two times in the questionnaire, by categorizing the Detractors, Neutrals and Promoters, (the low, medium and high). After adding them up, you deduct the respondent percentage of the Detractors from that of the promoters. This will help to estimate the NET Promoter Score in two perspectives: the purchase of a product and the general feeling of the company. 

This survey weight on the ability of a customer, who bought a product, to recommend it to a friend or anyone else. It then gathers information of the buyers, in terms of age, gender, marital status and level of education. The aim of this is solely to find out which type of people is mostly interested in the product. By this, a company would know what to include and what not to in a given range of products.

4. The Product

This inquires about how people feel about a given product, in relation to if they were satisfied in buying them, if they would think of buying it again or if they are happy with the product. You will also ask the customer if the product that they bought catered to their specific needs or not. Try to compare the brand with other competing brands in terms of delivery to the customers’ needs. This will also help to guide you on coming up with the relevant product for the clients. 

5. Technical Documentation 

Ask the customers about how appropriate the documentation was to their needs. Ask them if they were contented with the precision, quality and usability of the documentation delivery. In this survey, you will inquire from the customer if your company understands their needs and how they would rate it. You should also ask if the customers were satisfied with the contact between them and the customer service. 

Ask the clients how they would make an overall rating of the company. This will be in terms of the value of the company services, in comparison to the price charged. Or, it would be the quality of your company’s sales services, were the services recommendable and pleasing or not. 

When you have presented all your possible queries on the survey sample, with an aim of rating your company’s services to the customers, you will get some insight on how to adjust on the negatives. The questionnaire will help you to have tips on making the best product for the customers. You will also be able to ensure that the services offered by your company are satisfying enough. When you create your customer service questionnaire, always remember to focus on the their satisfaction.


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