What Customer Loyalty REALLY Is (Infographic)

Customer loyalty is more than having a customer return for his free drink after completing a punch-card. It is the result of hard work, great effort in customer service, and the full understanding of a customer-centric approach.


The basics of customer loyalty start with company policies, staff experience, interactions, and positive impact.  


In the heart of it all stands the building of trust between brands and their audience. This requires constant cultivation and emphasis on helping the customer in the most efficient way possible.


One of the best ways of showing loyalty, is by joining a loyalty program. But once your customers have joined, you have to follow up with an outstanding experience.


This infographic by Bond Brand Loyalty examines customer loyalty programs by leading companies, and analyzes the reasons for success and failure. Using interesting statistics (like the fact that 48% of members would like to engage with program via mobile device), it also provides tips for successfully capitalizing on loyal customers.



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