Customer Service and Marketing Strategy

Customer service and marketing goes hand in hand. Both of them are important at the same time. If we focus only on customer service then we will be able to hold our existing customers but will not be able to get new customers. Similarly, if we focus only on marketing strategies but leave customer service then we will probably get new customers but might lose out our existing ones. So it is very important for us to treat both customer service and marketing strategies as important to make sure our company is growing successfully.

Customers are really important for businesses so companies should make efforts to retain the existing ones while looking out for new customers. It is really important to adopt good marketing strategies in order to improve customer service. Every company believes that its customer service is excellent but the reality is that it is not. Poor customer service does not only mean losing out customers but over time it might earn poor reputation for the company too. It is not really difficult to improve customer service and marketing if we know the right tricks. Following are some strategies that would help you in your endeavor.

Firstly, business planning is important to help achieve the objective and goals of the business. A business should include customer satisfaction in its business plan so that it is treated as one of the business goals. When customer satisfaction is treated as a business objective then every worker will make efforts to fulfill that objective to make the company successful.

Secondly, the attitude of the customer service personnel shall change. The customer service executives should be extremely friendly and have a pleasing personality. No customer would want to talk to a customer care executive that falls short in manners and has unpleasant behavior. The service provided to the customers should be excellent as it will help them to remain loyal customers. Customer loyalty is very important as getting new customers is more difficult than retaining the existing ones. So it is important to have a good attitude towards customers as customer service is a reflection of the company’s attitude towards customers.

Thirdly, as earlier stated, customer service and marketing goes hand in hand. So it is important to integrate marketing with customers. The customers of a business also act as a great marketing resource. Word of mouth publicity is as old as business existence. It is known to be the oldest form of marketing. When a person finds out a product to be good then he will probably suggest it to other people.

Fourthly, the convenience of the customers should be taken into consideration and not business convenience. The service facilities and procedures are often found to be unfriendly and inconvenient. The service centers are few and are often crowded with customers. It becomes really difficult to stand in long queues and wait for your turn at the customer service desk. So every company should make sure to ensure that the customers are at convenience. So it is very important to focus both on customer service and marketing to achieve business success.


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