Customer Service April 2016 Best Of The Month

The month of April was loaded with articles about the rise of the machines within customer service. Robots and artificial intelligence are taking over the industry, meaning there are less humans on the other side of the screen providing customers with help. Some authors object to this new technology, while others support it and even offer innovative ways on combining the robots with a human touch. Worth the read.


1. 5 Tips To Scale Soft Skills Training For Your Customer Service Team

The concept of ‘soft skills’ is one rarely discussed challenge within customer service, but when mastered leads to true success. A considerable amount of communication with clients is not something a script can prepare you for. The most crucial characteristics of a service provider are creativity and thinking on the spot. This article highlights the 5 key capabilities that separate the mediocre service reps from the very best.


2. Don’t Be A Customer Service Hero

I need a hero! Yes, customer service reps are meant to save the day, but each one of us has certain weaknesses that we struggle with. By being aware of them we can boost our ability to provide good service. This original take customer service focuses on the service provider rather than the customer. The author shares some professional tips on how to be good at what you do by first and foremost taking care of yourself.

There are other ways to use technology to make customer support easy and simple. Try one of them.

3. A Common Sense Approach to Proactive Customer Service

You want to please the customer, but it is not always clear how to do that. Sometimes the trick is finding the right words at the right time, and sometimes it’s just pure intuition. Machines and computers lack human intuition, which is why they aren’t able to display common sense while providing service. The article explores the powerful aspect of the human side of customer service.

4. Whether the Agent Is Human or Bot, Customer Service Is a Marketing Function

You are probably familiar with these service bots offering help. So far these bots are perceived as annoying and useless, since the scripts they use to respond to inquiries are usually predictable. They generally prolong the process of answering the customer’s question instead of providing a solution immediately. However, improving responsiveness is key to providing better customer care, and it is wise that companies prioritize this aspect. The author is embarking on a wonderful journey of discovering what the AI needs to truly replace the human service provider, and how this tech revolution is going to change the service industry as we know it.


5. How to Improve Customer Service with VPN Technology

While data security is developing as a chief concern for customers when choosing which companies they interact with, VPNs are becoming an obvious choice when dealing with sensitive data. Hackers are becoming more skilled, and customers feel uneasy when chatting about personal or financial details over a customer service chat box. This means that security is another huge factor in regards to the success of your customer service department.

6. 5 Reasons Why Your Customer Service Should Include Chatbots

The interaction between customers and companies is rapidly changing. From the old school method of a phone call, to many more channels such as texting or Facebook, and even Snapchat. This paradigm shift in service is clear evidence that businesses are using technology to eventually supplement the call centers with non-verbal methods of communication. Which brings up to the concept of chatbots. Learn why chatbots are the future of customer service, and what makes it an effective solution for customer service.


7. Lessons from Big Brands: 4 Customer Service Pitfalls That Will Destroy Your Brand

Customer service is sometimes confused with marketing, which can lead to incidents that unfortunately end a great relationship. This article uncovers the truth about the real goal of service, which is essentially building long lasting, substantial relationships with the clients. These 4 warning signs are imperative for every customer service rep and manager to take into consideration.

8. Customers Don’t Care About Customer Service (At Least, Not The Way You Think They Do)

Strange title I know, but this news piece actually includes a great collection of tips and research that led to interesting conclusions. The way customers perceive businesses and the services they provide may be different from what you think. This article also includes a few self-help tips for those who work on the front lines with the customers.


9. 3 Bad Customer Service Experiences for the History Books

The good. The bad. And the ugly. We have all had customer service experiences that fit inside one of these categories. Whether Clint Eastwood’s good, Lee Van Cleef’s bad, or Eli Wallach’s ugly, dealing with customer service can sometimes be a dreadful experience. Today we are making Tucco and Angel Eyes proud. Sorry Clint. So saddle up, and get ready to laugh or cry, or even have a meltdown. Either way, it should be fun.



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