Customer Service March 2016 Monthly Roundup

This month’s top 9 customer service articles are truly worth reading. Discover the effect good customer service has on revenue, learn how to combine content marketing with your customer service, and best of all check out all the new innovations in the field of customer service.


1. Why Millennials Are Such Tough Customers

In contrast to baby boomers, millennials — those born between 1982 and 1994 — may be committed to their mobiles, but they aren’t confused customers. They simply place more emphasis on value and have a lower tolerance for error. This article explores the results of a survey performed by J.D. Power of 600,000 consumers. One fascinating insight is that meeting younger buyers’ hopes can be worthwhile as they are more likely to reuse and recommend a service they liked.

Now you can improve customer retention and raise self-service adoption rate! 

2. Samsung+ Software Update Lets A Customer Service Rep Control Your Device Remotely

Even large corporations need to update their customer service once in a while. On March 31st, Samsung updated their Samsung+ app that provides customers with support information, diagnostics tools, and app recommendations. The app updated to include a handy new feature called remote assistance. This is an amazing example of how a company can easily boost its customer service level. The article even makes a great comparison to Apple’s service.

3. Customer Service In The Digital Age

Independent Business decided to ask their readers a simple question using a twitter poll: ‘What’s better when you need to speak with Customer Service? Online/Phone/In-Person?’ You’d be surprised by the results. The article also discusses an interesting startup called Intercom dedicated to improving customer service.


4. Buy or Bye? Why Customer Service is Increasingly Key to Retail Success

According to Microsoft’s Global Multichannel Customer Service Report, more than half (59%) of the 4,000 consumers surveyed have higher expectations for customer service today than they did a year ago. Are you up to the task? Read more and learn of new ways to keep improving your service.


5. Facebook Messenger Becomes Airline Customer Service App

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines becomes the first air carrier to adopt Facebook Messenger for Business as its customer service provider. Starting today, KLM flyers will be able to automatically receive itineraries, flight updates, boarding passes and communicate with customer service from Facebook Messenger. Facebook aims to turn the app into a one-stop shop for commerce, transportation, customer service, and more. This represents a massive shift in making customer service more accessible and immediate.


6. Is Customer Service a Key To Content Marketing Success?

If you’re wondering what exactly the connection is between customer service and content marketing, give this article a shot. It offers an interesting explanation of the combination of content marketing strategy cooperating with the goals of good customer service, all while utilizing social media channels.


7. 8 Mega Customer Service Trends for 2016

89% of marketing leaders expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience by 2016. Aspiring companies that want to flourish in today’s market must concentrate on providing extraordinary customer service for their customers. To retain clients, businesses must distinguish themselves from the competition. Each year it’s essential to be aware of the latest trends so you know what is most important to focus on. Here’s a taste of what customer service leaders should be focused on this year: Consistency across channels, customer service tools, personalized experience, and staying in tune with social media.

In order to see the four additional trends you must download the full article. I can tell you it is well worth it.


8. Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Company

As e-commerce websites continue to lead in the online purchasing phenomena, customer service has become more significant than ever before. 66% of customers will spend more money when provided with good customer service. Do not miss out revenues simply because of a lack of service. In contrast, unhappy customers are constantly leaving companies, and approximately $83 billion in revenue is lost every year simply because of bad customer service. Not to mention the destructive effect bad reviews can have on your company.


9. 4 Tips to Optimize Customer Engagement Platforms

Customer engagement is a simple affair at the personal level, and the internet customer experience can be rather cold in comparison. Customer engagement platforms are powerful software tools that provide online vendors an all in one tool for interacting, tracking and managing their customer base. In the following article, we discuss some of the key points in optimizing your customer engagement platform. From onboarding new users, to converting new users to power users.

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