The Customer Service Must-Reads from July 2016

This month, we had some incredible customer service articles come our way. The articles covered a range of topics that are generally overlooked: the power of chatbots and AI for your support teams, the important distinction between customer service and experience, and a daring story about a customer service employee that went above and beyond for their client.

10 Ways To Deliver Better Social Media Customer Service

Famous author Shep Hyken published this article to address one of the most pressing questions in the world of service – how to use social media for customer service. The transition from personal, to phone, to online, and now to social media is changing customer service as we know it. Fortunately for you, these 10 pro tips can make the transition smoother.


The Art of Amazing Your Customers – 11 Powerful Customer Service Lessons

Learn how to deliver faster and smarter service with these 11 lessons of wonderful customer service. A few crucial points Vala Afshar discusses: Define your culture, anticipate the customer’s needs, and acknowledge that marketing and customer service go hand-in-hand in today’s world.

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New Google AI Brings Automation to Customer Service

Here’s a glimpse into the future. Google is pitching its artificial-intelligence capability to commercial customers in an attempt to enter the customer service industry. According to Jack Clark, the current emphasis of Google’s AI services is to help systematize pieces of conversations. In the future, this AI tech can be employed to cover a wide range of customer solutions.


Chatbots will take over customer service? Not so fast

Chabots are trending these days, with some tech experts proclaiming that bots will soon become the “new app.” Most bots are intended to execute customer service tasks, or to simplify purchases. But what if bots could do more? This article by Matt Tumbleson explores the current limitations of modern day AI and the incredible potential the future holds for customer service.


How To Turn Customer Service Into Marketing: A Seattle-Area Pizza Restaurant Shows The Way

This article is a refreshing one. Micah Solomon focuses on how enterprise-scale customer service has drawn inspiration from the retail industry. Micah Solomon also discusses his personal experience with pizza restaurants and how customer service made some of them a huge success.


Is Customer Service a Lost Art?

Despite the harsh headline, this article is surprisingly optimistic. Brittany Lee offers some interesting points on the current state of customer service and provides us with a valuable reminder that customer care is critical, even in the digital age.


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How Apple Successfully Leveraged Customer Complains about Their Music Service

In our day and age, when every person with a keyboard and an internet connection can lift up or take down a business, companies must be present on social media, and properly address digital customer complaints. Apple’s recent change to its music service in response customer complaints has not only led to an improvement of its product, but has also shown other companies the importance of responding to digital complaints in real time.


Is This The World’s Best Customer Service? Mechanic Travels 15,000 MILES to Carry Out 10-MINUTE Repair

I saved the best for last. William Medcalf, a Bentley mechanic, flew from London to Mongolia, just to replace his client’s £87 malfunctioning part. I highly recommend reading this inspiring story of true dedication, written by Adrian Hearn.





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