Customer Service News, Christmas Edition!

Christmas is right around the corner and we are all getting excited!  So much to do though leading up to the holidays means some extra tasks are being done and some extra reading to make sure we can be prepared for when customers need our help!

First up, we have a piece discussing how to handle customers over the Christmas period! More specifically, to be able to handle social media sites like Twitter to aid customer service.

Speaking of social media, there was a great hangout post from Shep Hyken.  He got the opportunity to discuss and expert ideas on how to tackle Millennial customers when it comes to customer service!

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Its often all about the customer experience.  If its bad, should you feel guilty?  Perhaps not!

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Have you ever thought of using brutal honesty to get the customers to come back?  Well it seems a theory has been put in place to offer transparency as a form of customer retention

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Lets end this weeks news roundup with a years roundup of trends and themes that existed in customer service for 2013!

Read the years top trends rounded up specially for you!  

I hope you have a great weekend, and MERRY christmas, and Happy Holidays from me!