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Customer service has always been a passion and thats because its often at the forefront of any business.  It’s now coming up to the big holidays and everyone is wondering how to manage the call centers when all your employees want to celebrate christmas with their families.  Social customer care will take a front stage this month more than ever.

First up we have a piece from communicate better blog.  They are offering  5 Strategies for Delivering Accessible Customer Service.

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We can all get a little obsessed with concept and ideas at least until we test them out.  Amazon have found something that sticks and sticks successfully. has a Core Values: A Customer Experience Obsession.

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Do you struggle with your agents within the call center?  There may be many reason but expert Melissa Kovacevic explains it all.  She uncovers the real reason why your agents are failing.

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Getting your customers involved can be the best thing you can do.  Have you ever explored the concept of the customer being the coach and helping customers with their issues.

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We discuss customer service all day, and its practically on the brain.  We see it everywhere, but perhaps we haven’t noticed something.  The Meaning of “Customer Service” Is Changing.

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Hope these articles were of interest to you.  it has helped my week!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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