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This week we have had all sorts of news, and with recovering from the excitement of Customer service week and all the interesting ways hat people are innovating in the industry, we couldn’t quite keep up!

First up, we have a piece from somewhere that i’m a contributor at.  ICMI explores Innovation and Insights from Award Winning Contact Centers.

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Forbes magazine has touched on one of my favourite subjects.   What you cant say when customers call you for support!

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Another favourite subject of mine, and perhaps even a passion is Social customer service!  Parature, friends of the blog tell us some shocking stats about social media and its affect in the call center.  If you havent started using social media yet in your process, get going now!

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The guys at Fonolo are excited about Halloween, and have some helpful tips and hints for you.  They cleverly compare your customers to trick or treat.

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Kate Nasser explores how we can listen to customers and get further.  This is all part of superior customer service and developing the right experience.

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Hope you have a great weekend!


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