Customer Service News, Especially for you!

This week, the weeks leading up to christmas are getting exciting for all of us!  but there are some preparations we need to make for the call center and our customer service department to make sure the experience within the business, and its offerings are not effected.  I’m talking about making Christmas provisions, so staff can celebrate with family, while customers still get the help they need over the holiday period.

First up we have a piece from the Huffington Post.  It’s a great article predicting the next 12 months within customer service.  So sit back and check out whats in store for the future.

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Do you often feel you need to change the focus of the customer service practices in order to get things right?  Well so do others.

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Salesforce are offering skills to learn.  This week, its how you can satisfy and delight your customers when they call or contact support.

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If you are a live chat operator, you know whats its like to handle customers, sometimes even many at one time.  Get the cool cheat sheet from some experts that will get you to the top if your game.

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Did you know that 90% of customers find customer service via live chat beneficial. Are you taking advantage of this easy to offer and easy to master touchpoint?

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Hope you wrapped up warm and ready for whats seems like an end to a great year!  Please feel free to share!



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