Customer Service News Knocking on your Door!

Customer service week is in full winter swing!  I love winter because its a chance for me to curl up and catch up on customer service news!  the buzz word is Self service and customer experience.  So lets jump right in!

First we have a piece from the SalesForce blog.  check out the hidden influence in great customer service!

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I’ve said it, and others are now saying it.  Self service is the future and we all need to get on board!  I’m sure products like WalkMe are the right choice for many.

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There is an art to having great customer service.  What is the formula?  well its about many things.  Lets see what some top experts suggest is the key to success!

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Do you often think that what you know now could have been very helpful back when you started out in customer service?  Well we all do, so check these pointers out and share it with your peers, and agents.

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You are tackling social media in your customer service department, but which avenue would you pick that is going to help you make or break it.

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I hope you have enjoyed the news, and feel free to share it with your peers!


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