Customer Service News You Need to Catch Up On!

This week has been full of surprises!  Mainly because we have been learning more and more that social media is a valued part of your customer service plan!

First up, we have a piece from a major thought leader!  Flavio martins and his great blog have shared this insightful piece about what how you can influence the customer experience.

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Ever wondered how consumers can really make a difference to your brand and customer service?  The team at freshdesk explore Why Google’s Shared Endorsements is great news for consumers.

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CMSwire explores Three Ways to Enable Social Customer Service in Your Contact Center. This is a great article, and we can all learn from it.

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I found a great piece that explains 5 Critical Components To Valuable Customer Service.  This is all in the name of great customer service for your customers.

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Avaya Explores Why Customer Experience Transcends Customer Service.

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Hope this week has been good for you!  enjoy the news and have a great weekend!

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