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This week has been enjoyable.  Lots of interesting topics have come up including many discussions about secrets of success via the channels of support.  My favourite being social media.

First up this week, we have a great article from HBR Labs.  They explore innovative customer service which means being able to contact a company on multiple platforms.

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With all this talk about social customer service, studies show that only 11% of people expect to receive customer service via social media.

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I’s said that 80 per cent of consumers who have contacted a company via social media heard back from the company within 12 hours; compared with 37 per cent who contacted a company through email, eDigitalResearch has found.

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Did you ever think you could get some customer service advice from Jerry Seinfeld?   Well you can thanks to a great article in Forbes magazine.

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One of my favorite customer service experts has shared a great article on his blog.  Flav Martins explores 4 keys to a customer service knowledge base your customers will actually use.

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Hope you have a great weekend and have enjoyed the news round up!  Sharing is caring!

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