Customer Service Weekly Roundup

The field of customer care has been developing magnificently over the years, mostly thanks to technological advancements. Every day, more tools are being invented to ease self-service, and more articles are being written about ways to improve our customer care skills.

Find out how tech changes our customer experience and life, the power of customer service in choosing favorite brands, how Walt Disney can help us deliver excellent customer service and more interesting articles I found online this week.

Your New Shoes Are in The Mail: How Tech Has Changed Customer Service

The internet revolution saved us from spending time on phone tedious phone conversations whenever we need customer support. Amazon, one of the world’s eCommerce pioneers, improved their customer service and experience through technology. In this article, Jamie Chennells, talks about the modern day consumers, which became more powerful (and spoiled) following the digital revolution.

Customer Service 101: What No One Ever Tells You

Customer support is not an easy job. It can be difficult to provide exceptional support in every single interaction. There are many aspect businesses need to take into consideration in addition to support software, in order to excel customer care. In this article, Aishwarya Hariharan gives us five excellent tips (and doesn’t hold back criticism,) on how to provide better customer service.

New Report: 63% of UK Consumers Have Left a Band Due to Poor Customer Service

This article, by Tricia Morris, reveals the power of customer satisfaction in the UK. 63% of UK citizens claim they stopped doing business with brand due to a poor customer service experience. This means that it has never been more important for UK brands and organizations to know as much as possible about consumers and their growing expectations of customer service.

The Call Center’s Great Cloud Migration Continues

The call center experience is a big part of modern life, even in the digital age. In the early 2000’s, running a call center through a cloud service was dismissed as impractical. A few years later, it was viewed as fitting “just for the smallest call centers”. Between 2008 and 2012, the cloud market grew by some 224%. In this great article you will learn the benefits of call center and the reasons it took so long for them to get on board with the cloud.

How Disney Acts as a Role Model for Customer Service

The Walt Disney Company is the ultimate customer service role models. Many lessons can be learned by understanding this entertainment giant’s approach to leadership, culture and guest- experience. In this article, you can find five quotes by 5 Disney icons that can help you improve customer service in your business.



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