Customer Support Chat Software Review – Best of the Best

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Customer support chat software is important in modern customer service and CRM fields. With real time becoming very much an important role in customer support, call centers and help desks are losing their edge over real time chat systems and CRM via social network.

There are a lot of options to choose from, so let’s take a look at five of the highest rated ones out there.

#1 – Provide Support

Provide Support is one of the leading enterprise-scaled customer service chat systems currently available. Their big selling point is their easy to use operator console, and their multiple chat requests handled in parallel.

Provide Support is used by fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike to provide real time, interactive chat support that lets customers and agents resolve issues at an economic rate.

When it comes to customer support in a chat form , Provide Support is definitely up there on the list.

#2 – Zoopim

Zoopim is a char system designed with social networks in mind. Designed to look mostly like a Faebook page, it will launch from a landing site as an invitation to chat.

This is a more automated and user-friendly chat system which leaves room for improvement in customization which, while nice and Facebook-like, is kind of stuck as looking this way. While that’s usually fin, the inescapable nature of this Facebook appearance could become troublesome down the line when better functionality comes along or Facebook becomes dated.

#3 – Velario

Velario is a parallel chat system with operator console ease of use in mind. The problem with Velario though is that it lacks the social network integration of Zoopim or others.

However, for a direct, no-frills chart experience, Velario works rather well, and has a pretty reasonable price. It’s very easy to customize, and customizations are diverse and flexible meaning while it is less feature rich than some other customer support chat software, it is easy to achieve brand and company identity through its aesthetics and presentation.

Velario works well if you’re not worried about social networks.

#4 – WebsiteAlive

WebsiteAlive is a chat system designed with mobile in mind, incorporating facilities to make interacting via chat on touch and small-keyboard devices much easier and less stressful than it otherwise would be.

This system takes advantage of the new non-centralized mindset for operational teams in business, allowing agents to chat with customers on the go, and never miss an opportunity to be helpful and productive.

The only downside to this system is it lacks a real time translator like many of the systems we’ve mentioned so far. Those do not always work, but when they do, they are useful so that is a detriment to this software overall.

Still, it’s great for embracing the mobile revolution.

#5 – NetOp Live Guide

NetOp is a customization-oriented chat system that allows operators to configure their panels to best fit their needs during various times of operation. This allows agents that specialize in specific tasks and departments to optimize their workspace to best perform their tasks and match their mindset.

NetOp offers a lot of social network integration, but lacks any support for Google Analytics or Salesforce, which are big detriments to an otherwise well-designed suite.

#6 – LivePerson

LivePerson is a Live chat software that enables companies to engage with the customer, to help with customer issues. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This can reduce inbound calls and emails, as well as lower the cost for the call center.

These are Six of the current best customer support chat software options available at the current time, but many more exist.

Let me know what you think are the best around, from your personal experience or from word on the street.


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