Cyber Monday – 4 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Its coming whether we like it or not!  Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, and perhaps the day everyone gets their Christmas shopping in is fast approaching!

Good customer service is the last thing people care about as long as they get a good deal in the first place.

While some shoppers savor the excitement of early-morning lines, the National Retail Federation reports that 51.8% of U.S. consumers will be doing their holiday shopping online this year, up 5% from 2011 and the first time the annual survey has shown online shoppers as the majority.  The NRF based its findings on an early-October poll of approximately 9,000 consumers who plan to spend an average of $750 each on holiday goods and services.

So how can online stores maintain a merry and bright customer service reputation during the holiday rush? Take stock in these four customer service best practices:

1. Knowledge is power – Make sure you have all the answers ready for your customers because during the holiday period, they are going to make fast decision, and will leave at any opportunity or a better deal somewhere else. 

2. Delight with discounts – During the holiday season, price is all that matters.  Brand loyalty will go out the window and the price war will win.  Make sure you can offer the best prices possible.  I’m not saying be a loss leader just to get the customer, but make sure you can win them and keep them. 

3. Re-engage the undecided and the frustrated – Offer point of sale deals (yes, much like the traditional bricks and morter choice of gum, magazines and small toys).  These can re-engage the user and make sure they stay until the end.  Some other tips can include offering additional discounts if they check out within 30 minutes. 

4. Create a seamless customer service experience – Even though holiday shoppers are obsessively hunting for great deals and additional bargains, it’s an exceptional customer service experience that will keep them coming back after the holiday season is over and have them recommending your brand to friends, family and social media connections. Make sure the technology is in place to allow customers to connect with your brand via their channel of choice – whether that’s phone, email, online, live chat, help desk, mobile or social media.   After doing this, also make sure to actually give them good content to share on these platforms.  Dont just add a santa hat to the facebook page, go the extra mile and promote the discounts there too. 
Lets hope we all offer a pleasant customer experience both on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday!  Happy ThanksGiving! 

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe