Email Now Extra Vital to Call Centers

A leading call center company in the world has decided that email communication is now so vital and cost effective, that they are dedicating teams just to answer emails.

The company in question is called XACT Telesolutions.  Their Call center solutions include all the usuals such as HelpDesk & Call Filtering, Internet & Web Support, Virtual, Receptionist, Order Entry/Scripting, Critical Call Dispatch, Service & Support Dispatch and Telephone Answering Service.  But they have dedicated email systems now with advanced technology to tackle these issues.

What stuck out to me was this company saw that email remains the most popular way for customers to communicate with them.  Its easy, quick, and cost effective for both parties.  No hold times with awful music and you can even do it on the go.

“Although the phone is still a form of interaction highly appreciated by customers nationwide, email offers customer convenience on a new level,” Kathy Gray said who is the Director of Business Development at XACT Telesolutions. “With our skilled and experienced email management team, we can now assist our clients with online interaction and free up more of their time for important business operations.”

Maybe others will focus more on email or perhaps collaborate it into their social customer service department and have an even great experience for the customer.

check out the full press release here.


XACT Telesolutions uses state-of-the-art call processing technology to support communication between company and client. With over 100 years of combined experience, the call center has risen to the challenges of companies nationwide and met them with success. All employees at XACT Telesolutions are trained using forward-thinking training systems and taught the importance of excellent customer service.

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