Extra Extra! Read All About Customer Service

This week has gone by so fast that I barely realised that there has been some great news and thoughts being spread in the customer service world.   We have seen how you can monitor customers growing, and how you can use multi channel support to have the best customer service!  Social media has also played a heavy hand this week.

First up we have a piece from ICMI, a place where i contribute often.  they are exploring how you can hire for your Multichannel Contact Center.

Read more here

The yonyx blog has been exploring some great ideas and this week they are discussing just how you can make your help desk efficient in helping customers with problems.

Read more here

Some predictions have been been mentioned from the top experts about the contact center and whats coming up in the future.

Read the predictions here

So what are the golden rules of customer service? This great piece explores the rules and we can all learn something from these rules!

Find out here

Its Halloween today so i thought id add in a fun infographic about halloween and customer service!

Check it out here

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the news!  Please share!

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