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This weeks news is brought to you with some great thoughts and ideas, that we were all thinking of, but couldn’t quite get together.   Thats why the thought leaders and experts are there to help us do our jobs better.

First up this week, we have some news from a top ranking expert.  Kate Nasser explores a superior customer experience.

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Greg Levin understand customer service, and this week has shared his ideas on social customer service.

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This week i came a cross a very informative and interesting infographic to celebrate CX day.

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2014 will be here before we know it, and some thought leaders have collected their trend predictions for next week.

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Things can often go wrong in your call center.  thats fine!  but what do you do after to fix the situation.

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Looking forward to sharing and learning from Customer Service Weeknext week!   Have a great weekend!

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