Global Survey Shows Consumers will Share Personal Data

Customers are always striving for great customer service and if they can get it, even at a good price, they will seek out for it.  The survey, conducted by Coleman Parkes asked 3,900 consumers what they thought certain areas of the buying process.

Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, today released the results of a survey that shows most consumers are willing to share extensive personal data, including family information and social network profiles, in return for an improved experience from their service provider.

Some key findings of the international survey of 3,900 consumers:

• Consumers can be often be happy to share: consumers said they would share extra information about themselves in return for better price deals (65 percent), improved network speed (61 percent), better customer service (54 percent) and shared plans across devices (50 percent)

• Show me the money: consumers were also happy to hear of financial incentives to if they shared private information. Cash rewards (44 percent) were most popular , as well as loyalty program rewards (38 percent) and coupons or exclusive deals (39 percent). A third (36 percent) said they would be happy to share personal information for free

• Service providers can really do well on consumer trust: with over half of all consumers (56 percent) considering their service providers trustworthy, service providers are well-placed to introduce new business models, such as selling their information to other companies for advertising purposes.

Check out the full Press Release here

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