Good Service or Fast Service: That is the Question

Guest post by Nunzia Falco Simeone – Marketing manager at Deskero 


The other day I came across an interesting study from AchieveGlobal that made me think about the risky relationship between customer support and speed.

Which one is better: a fast customer service or a good customer service?

We know that speed is an ever-present factor, especially on social media, but it just isn’t as important as the quality of service received. Yes, it’ true that people want their issue be solved fast, but they prefer being treated well.

Almost half (46%) of respondents noted that being rude, short, unhelpful and impatient was the greatest customer service mistake they have experienced.

So don’t forget the emotional aspect!

Understanding that human connection is the heart of the customer experience is the first step to build customer loyalty today. A positive customer experience is marked by respect, simplicity, solutions and responsibilities.

Every problem, if managed well, can be an opportunity to build loyalty, but you won’t build anything if you answer in a superficial, or even rude, way. What’s the point of customer care if you don’t take care of your customers?

So, how can businesses keep customer service speed up while creating a pleasant experience?

What companies need to know are the elements that build customer relationship.

Faster may be more efficient, since spending less time with each customer appears to save money for the company. But a fast customer service doesn’t build advocacy. And customers are more likely to reward good customer service, rather than a quick one.

I always find it astonishing that companies care a little on customer service training. The seem to don’t understand that kindness is not expensive, but customer disappointment might costs them millions.

So, what do you choose? Fast or Good?

The answer is to cut down the non-essential aspect of customer support.

Utilize tools, like Deskero, that help you eliminate repetitive processes that waste time and don’t provide any additional value to customers.


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