Great News from the World of Customer Service

It’s been a great week for customer support news, and its my time to share it with you all.  It always educates me and gives me ideas of how the industry is changing every time I delve in deep.

First up this week, we have news from a expert thought leader.  she is discussing customer service team work!

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Flav Martins, a true expert in customer support explores the idea of customer loyalty and how you can get your hands on some of it for your business.

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We all here of social media taking a front row seat in customer support!  So lets see who is doing things right!

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The Salesforce blog has been sharing some great ideas recently.  This week they shares with their readers a free ebook about customer service best practices.

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How are you acing your customer service?  Perhaps you are trying some of the tips from the last article for this week?

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Hope you have a great weekend and have enjoyed the news round up!  Sharing is caring!

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