Interview with Yotpo Co-Founder Tomer Tagrin

I got the chance to speak to one of Yotpo’s Co-Founders, Tomer Tagrin. I gained insight into how they perceive customer service and its importance for any business.

Yotpo is a leader in Customer reviews and is paving ways for a fun, social way for your customers to read and write reviews!

I had many questions due to the innovation of the product and how it can really disrupt the customer service and support world.

1. From your experience, what are the 3 top reasons to incorporate user reviews to your website?

For Yotpo customers, this is easy.

1. Increase your conversion rate

2. Increase your social engagement

3. Increase the level of trust inside the website.

2. What do you tell customers that are concerned that users will post negative things about them?

Customers can feel secure. For starters, we have full moderation tools available. The website owner can decide if he/she wants to publish the review.

But an interesting thing we found was that there are many case study explaining why just positive reviews can do more harm than good. Users are expecting that products will be amazing but not perfect. If a user is seeing only 5 star reviews he/she are likely not to believe the reviews.

3. What statistics do you have that support the case for social media in consumer reviews?

Inside the Yotpo ecosystem we are seeing that 20% of the reviewers share their review on social networks. This can have huge impact on a brand, and its efforts for brand awareness. Traditional social media ads fail to engage over 96% of users. So it seems they are looking for something more. Buyer reviews fills this gap in the market for engagement. Crowdsourcing is key.

Also, because of our “social push” technology, website owners are seeing 30% increase in social engagement inside their FB page and Twitter accounts.

4. What are the best practices for customer support using social media reviews?

We see reviews as a very important source for customer support. In today’s world you cannot stop conversion happenning. Users will talk about it on their Twitter, facebook, Tumblr and so on. What brands can do is to keep the conversation inside the website and to respond in real time to any customer saying something about their product/service.

By enabling this channel between the website and customer in a cross platform way: website<->social networks we are improving the website customer support and response rate.

5. How open are people to exposing their identities in their reviews?

I can tell you that a lot more than you would expect. Between 15-30% use their social network as a default choice. For us, social networks are just one signal to identify a trustworthy review.

For example more than 80% of our reviewers are customers that bought the product and are willing to share the experience. It is all question of where you “hook” the customer and what experience you are offering him/her.


I have to say, it was a great pleasure to get to have a discussion with such a new concept of a company. Yotpo‘s philosophy and ideas are surely going to change the way customers act and share, and how companies need to react to the changing in markets and respond in a fast manner.  After all, its the instant gratification era.  Lets all jump on board.


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