[Guest Post] Is Everything Okay? Checking up on a Service Call

Perhaps one of the most important components of any business is the customer. A great idea and great delivery cannot succeed unless the customer is willing to not only do business with a company but also appreciate the services they have to offer.

The importance of good customer service is therefore the ultimate goal of any organization. But what does it mean to have good customer services? Is it politeness? Is it a well-rounded knowledge of the merchandise and related materials? Yes, but it also includes the value of integrity and the willingness to go that extra mile in order to provide a client with the assurance that they are not forgotten.

Perhaps one of the most effective practices is calling to ensure that everything is going well. When a customer has an issue, whether it’s good or bad, they contact you. Normally, this is done through telecommunication services but the internet has also expanded its applications. Despite the medium, the initial contact is only the beginning.

Recently, a headset representative was commended for the integrity in his manner and handling of a customer’s needs. When contacted about merchandise issues, he proceeded by troubleshooting the problem as is common practice. The issue was resolved at least for the moment but was not confirmed as a solid or positive fix. And despite the requirements that customer service would normally entail, he did not write off or forget about the client’s situation. Days later, the customer service representative contacted the customer with a follow-up to ensure that the situation was resolved. He simply asked if everything was working okay. This simple but very courteous call was exactly what the customer wanted to hear but had not actually expected.

This simple follow-up call not only gained the admiration from the client, it also enhanced the relationship between the business and customer. You always want to follow up with customer service. Customers don’t disappear after a phone call or a visitation. They are the most powerful source of recommendation and referral that a business can have. The goal is always to create an image in which a customer appreciates the integrity and courteousness of those they choose to do business with. After all, customers always have a choice.

Customer service is the backbone by which any organization does business. And the best thing you can do is to never neglect or forget what valuable assets customers are. Follow up and always keep the needs and wants of your clientele on the to-do list.

Author Bio:

Wayne Baumgartner is a small business owner who takes care of customers using old fashion customer service skills and specializes in one industry -headsets! HeadSetsDirect.com

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe