Hilarious Video- Seinfeld Takes on Customer Service

They on the frontlines as a customer facing representative of a company, but they also have to deal with internal company issues. For example in the clip below the Car Rental company does not have a car ready for Jerry. This spirals into a funny exchange between them that is mostly based in reality.

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It’s true sometimes rental companies run out of cars. The lady behind the desk can only work with what she has in front of her. What is not true though is the idea that the company would not provide a vehicle for our friend Jerry. Speaking from strictly personal experience, in the 15-20 times I have rented a car never have I had a rep tell me they do not have a car available. In any case the car I ordered was not available I was issued a free upgrade. In a couple of cases upgraded several levels until they found a car that was ready to go. Still it is a funny clip and deserves a watch.


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