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What a week its been!  Lots of reports, news and interesting infographics to read and learn from!


The experts at Genesys discuss the issue of bad customer service.  There’s No Excuse for Bad Customer Service in 2013!

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Never mind the manager discusses this week, the 15 ways to improve your customer service.

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The age old question!  What came first?  The chicken or the egg!  It applies to the customer experience too.

Read more from the guys at Forbes magazine

This week, Kate Leggett Predicts the Future of Customer Service

Read more here from the Salesforce blog.

And now for a cool infographic.  The guys at Business 2 community share a comparison of  Social Marketing vs. Social Customer Service!

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Have a great week guys, and i hope you enjoy reading my weekly news updates, that i found for you, knowing its what you want to read!


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