Customer Service – How can I help you?

I am the Girl (you can call me Stef) who wants it Now. I understand Customer Service and Support! It’s my World. I am a customer, I have dealt with Customers and I know how to bridge the gap between the two. I’m also a heavy internet user so whatever doesn’t reach me in 3 clicks is forgotten!

This is the place where you can learn, contribute, and help define your Customer Service focus and needs. I discuss the needs that customers come across and what you do to solve them and build long term brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Customers want NOW with instant gratification; companies’ wants satisfied customers and lower costs. So, sometimes you need to evaluate it as Passion and Care (instant care). This ultimately equals brand loyalty and therefore lower costs.

Through my research and experience I will be bringing you original content to understand what is the new era of customers who ‘Want it Now’ and we need to make sure they are always happy, and most of all “Right”. What tools to we need for this to exist and succeed.

You are the VP’s, the Directors of Customer Service and the Customer Success Managers and even the Customer Care Reps. So…Let’s engage! You have the knowledge. I welcome you to comment, give your inputs and be passionate because after all you do this all day every day! But please be clean! I will remove any nasty comments from this blog.

You can contact me directly, and we can discuss all things customer focused, and you can even do a guest post here if you want. My email is Stefanie.a[@]walkme[.]com. Find me on LinkedIn too.



is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe