How to Create a Positive Customer Service Experience

We are living in a very competitive world that makes it a challenge to make an impact in the market unless we search for best ways possible to create positive customer service experience. The process of providing excellent customer services is more than just providing quality and timely services and it goes to an extent of being accountable for dissatisfied customers so that needs of all clients are addressed. If we achieve a great customer service experience, then it will become very easy for us to win customer loyalty and also stand difficult times under competitive environments.

It is imperative for all business owners to create a positive impression for their products and services so that their customers can become emotionally attached to their business. It is for this reason that managers and business owners should identify and implement mechanisms that will make them likeable to their customers.

How to Create a Positive Customer Service Experience

# 1 Be Passionate About Your Products and Services and Your Clients

Firstly, you have to be very passionate about what you do and products you sell so that your clients can realize your sincerity and develop interest in your business. If you make your business your hobby, it will be fun and very easy for you to show willingness to help and resolve clients’ problems naturally without force. It is very important to be aware of the fact that many customers prefer to be attended by sale agents who show confidence in their products and services and also demonstrate passion for the business. Instilling honesty and being compassionate to your customers will help your win their loyalty and realize consistent growth in your business.

# 2 Develop Good Relations With Your Clients

Good communication skills is one of the most important aspects for success of many businesses. One of the most possible ways that you can realize this easily is by communicating with your customers at all times e.g. before they come to your shop, during and after shopping. Nowadays, there are improved and users friendly platforms such social networks, emails, and business website chats that you can use to develop and maintain good relationship with your clients. It is through these forums that you will be in the right position to identify customer complaints and also know the best ways possible to satisfy customer needs.

# 3 Be Fast and Efficient When Solving Problems

This is yet another way of improving customer service experience that can be achieved by identifying customers’ problem and addressing them fast before they even become aware of it. It is important to take note of possible customer complaints that may arise from time to time so that you can have plans at hand to solve them when they occur. This way, you will prevent being caught in the dark when complaints arise and also resolve them fast and professionally.

# 4 Excise Politeness at All Times

When receiving calls on the helpline, it is important to know that most likely the customer on the other end of the line is frustrated or dissatisfied; some will raise their voice and use derogatory language to express their complaints. When situations such as this happen, it falls to the customer service agent to change the ambience by demonstrating politeness. As it is commonly known to us, customers are always right even when they are wrong. It is therefore very important to use this platform to solve customer frustrations rather than causing reactions that might trigger further arguments. For example, you may choose to listen first and then take note of important points that customers need resolved.

# 5 Let customers Have a Say in Major Changes

If you are planning to bring new changes on products or business operations, it is important to find out what your customers think about your ideas and then integrate their thoughts in your plans. This way, you will not only achieve positive customer service experience, but also prevent losing potential clients who are attached to your products and services prior to changes. In the event you choose to integrate these changes, you’ll have won their approval which will come along with increased customer loyalty.

# 6 Research Your Customers’ Expectations

As earlier mentioned, we are living in a dynamic market that comes along with change in customer preferences. Conduct research regarding changes that your customers expect from your products and services and then identify ways to manage and implement these changes to your business. However, it is important to set realistic goals to meet customer’s expectations so as not to cause customer disappointments. This will enable you to remain relevant and competent in the market.

# 7 Appreciate Your Customers

It is important to consider extending a positive gesture to your customers once in a while as a way of showing appreciation for their loyalty. For example, you may come up with raffle completions programs or discounts, special offers, and gifts voucher on some of your products and services. If your business is just starting and not in the right position to appreciate your customers this way, you can simply send them thank you emails or cards during special occasions such as birthdays, valentine, Christmas… This way, you will be able to popularize your products and services thereby enhancing customer service experience and also increasing total sales.

# 8 Have a Unified Team

For you to achieve positive customer service experience that we have talked about so for, it is important to have a working team that are of the same mind as you. You will find it a challenge to implement these changes if you lack staff support to improve customer experience. It is because of this reason that you should train your staff on how to handle all types of customers and also set yourself as a role model for them to follow.


Customer service is a very important aspect for success of businesses, however, it is important to improve the quality of your services in order to set your company apart from your rivals and also stand dynamic economic environments. It is therefore important to show real passion and appreciation to your customers by giving them first priority while resolving their complaints. Be friendly to your customers so that they can feel freely to talk to you about relevant changes that will positively transform your business. Train your customer service representatives on how to create positive customer service experience in order to prepare them to handle all types of customers and last but not least, consult your customers before implementing new changes in products and services.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.