I Saw Something & Thought of You – Self Service

Death of the Contact Center – Are the rumours true? A White Paper by Intelliresponse.

Recently I came a across an excellent white paper that explores 7 Things Service Executives Can Do to Control their Fate.  

What stood out to me, and compelled me to share with you, my readers, was the clear points they made as to why they believe that the contact center could soon be dead!  7 points to be exact.

The first point was to channel the customers so that agents can handle only the bigger more complex issues. This way you are guaranteed that the bigger issues that are fixed in a timely manner will create loyal customers.  Why?  Because they didn’t have to wait as long to be served.  Less ‘small issue’ calls coming in means less call coming in!

Another great point was to get tough on the hold times and call transfers.  Pretty clear to me and I like that they made it such a clear point.  Subjecting customers to long hold times and repeated transfers from agent to agent has no place in today’s contact center.  I’m personally a big fan of call centers adopting self service.

Before I let you read the white paper for yourself, I wanted to highlight one more great tip they included.  Make the agents life simple!  Make sure their desktops are clear enough so they can actually help the customer in their time of need.   Offer your agents self service tools so they can get by without confusion.  it helps efficiency.

Get the White Paper here and enjoy the full story.

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