Improving Customer Experience – Truths Revealed

We’ve talked a lot about improving customer experience. We’ve talked about why it is important, given examples of where it goes right and wrong in real world case studies, and we’ve talked about ways to improve specific aspects of it as well. Evidently, people still haven’t learned their lesson, as things haven’t changed much around us. We know you can hear us, but you just seem to be shrugging this off. Well, we’re not going to stop talking about this, and we know in your heart of hearts, you’re not going to ignore us forever, now are you? Of course not.

So, we’re going to talk about specific facets where you can help with improving customer experience in your own company, no matter what service or product your company provides. These are things that apply to everyone, so there’s no excuse in claiming this doesn’t apply to your industry. Let’s talk about three big things we can all do to make customer experience great.

#1 – Faster Customer Service Resolution

This one, we’ve talked about again and again, and we’re going to talk about it … again. Customer service is the most important thing in your company, and as we’ve said time and again, it’s the thing for which you will be judged primarily in the end. Know that customer service is going to be needed – someone will have an issue or a question. It’s just inevitable. When this happens, how well you handle this is crucial.

Perhaps adopt better methodologies beyond phone trees, long wait times and the like. Maybe adopt some social customer service and new technological models that can make resolutions faster and less inconvenient to pursue. This is the biggest problem in customer experience right now, and has been for decades. For a while, there was little we could do about it. Now we can, so … let’s.

#2 – Better Payment Models

We’ve talked about this before too. Payment models are changing, and fewer people want to use credit cards, checks and the like. They’re inconvenient and kind of invasive of privacy. People are much more into anonymity and some level of obfuscation in handling business in this digital age.

Adopt PayPal and other payment gateways that eliminate the need for privacy-hindering bank information and the like. Unless you’re selling something that’s a legal but controlled substance/service, let people retain their privacy and anonymity to the level they’d like.

#3 – Self Service Adoption

Self-service is showing a lot of promise thanks to technologies allowing for automatically guided interaction with digital services. Customer experience is greatly improved by this lack of need for intervention from staff for routine things. It allows for greater speed of operation, empowerment of users, and reduces strain on the CRM/customer service staff further as we talked about in the first point.

This can be handled with onboard technologies that make tutorials and operations much easier. Adopting these in place of older tech like Flash or Java will go a long way to helping to improve things.

So, when it comes to improving customer experience, these remain the untapped areas in which most companies would do well to try to change how they approach things, for the benefit of everyone.



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