Improving Response Times for Better Customer Support

Response times are referred as the time a functional or system unit takes to react to a given input. The customer service of businesses can be improved by quickly responding to their queries and complaints. According to a research done by Eptica it has been revealed that a significant number of contact centers have failed to respond to their online consumer queries through online mail communication in their own timeframes.

According to software provider 28% of the contact centers responded to the messages actually within their pledged timescale and over a quarter of them failed to reply to their customers at all. It is important to acknowledge the initial query of the customer when dealing with them via email by sending a confirmation response because it is basic good manners. It is however been reported that many of the businesses are not bothering about it. The optimum response times of the industries varies from one another as the levels of customer satisfaction will drop faster depending on which kind of sector they have to deal with so it is important that the organizations should recognize their own perfect reply time frame.

One way to develop a beneficial long term relationship with the consumers is by responding quickly to their queries and complaints but it is also very important to solve the problems of the customers at the first point of interaction if it is possible.

If an organization fails to deal with the queries and complaints of their customers in the first instance then there is no point to reply to the consumers in a timely fashion because it will result in satisfaction of lower levels. The return on investment in to the customer service departments can only be experienced by the businesses if their consumer-facing employees are able to provide relevant answers to their complaints and queries. After the first response it is very important that the customers should not have to request further information from an organization but such is the case then there is likely something wrong with the processes of their business.

If the processes of the organization are inefficient or ineffective then the services of performance improvement consulting professionals should be employed because to enhance the productivity of their business they are able to apply theory which is very essential for any business. With the GPS tracking system the organization is able to react quickly to traffic congestion, schedule changes and other unforeseen events.

Here, are various kinds of business communication which you should know.

1. Regular Mail: After mailing a letter it takes 1-4 days to arrive. It takes couple of days to construct a reply. It takes around weeks to reply to the large or bid proposal. If it is an easy request then it will just take couple of days to get your reply and it will take 1-4 days to get back the reply.

2. Priority/Overnight Mail: These kinds of mail take shorter period of time than the normal mail to get back the response.

3. Phone Call: In this kind of business communication you will instantly place your order and you can call, email, mail or fax your proposal depending on what was agreed.

4. Email: It is a faster mean of communication where the response times are within 24 hours.


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