In Just One Hour, Discover How to Ensure Smooth Customer Journey Transitions

A customer journey expresses the customer’s experience from preliminary contact, through the course of engagement and into a long-term connection. This webinar focuses on the final part of the process, providing great tips and tricks on how to achieve this.

The panel of experts who participated included Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe, together with Bill Cushard, Head of Training, and Moderator Sarah E. Brown – both from ServiceRocket.

Together, they discuss the customer journey, ever step on the way. They discuss both the “second journey,” that starts after a deal is closed, and the “first journey,” which starts long before that.

Tune-in to this one-hour webinar to get the most effective tips on creating the best journey for your customers, from on-boarding to on-going, all the way through to renewals and expansion opportunities.

Click on the image to tune-in to the webinar:





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