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Customer service is always on our minds, because its vital to mosts businesses and their success!  with the intorduction of social media being a key factor in everyones strategy, customer service is now a form of marketing.

First up this week, we have a great infographic from  72% of Companies using Unified Agent Desktop increase their FCR.

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Business 2 community explores the tips you need to keep your customers happy.  See what happens when customers talk.

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Ever had to speak to your customers and have to tll them something only to have them react badly and threaten to leave?  well it may be because you’ve said some of these things to your customer.

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The expert in customer service Shep Hyken explores how you can create a customer centric culture in your business.  Seems important enough! So why not find out what he has to offer.

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Dont you ever wonder what the differences are between customer service and customer experience? well thought leaders explain.

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Thank you for checking out the top news and please feel free to share!  have a great weekend!

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