Increase Customer Satisfaction Goals with These Tips


Customer satisfaction goals should forever be something that companies aim to fulfill no matter what scenarios they face or adversity they otherwise overcome. Customer service and satisfaction is that by which a company is judged above all other things, and so it is important that the company excel in customer satisfaction at all costs.

Customer satisfaction goals are important to set, and important to meet because they create a clear and obvious point which to achieve, and outline what progress of improvement and what measures of refinement must be engaged in to accomplish that goal over a duration of time provided.

Without these goals, customer service could not improve, and there would never be refinement or improvement in customer support or service of such goals were not strived for in all practices.

So, the first thing to keep in mind is that your metrics could have been way off if you didn’t meet your goals and you’re unsure why. Stop and take the time to remeasure all of your metrics and be sure that unit dimensions are appropriate and that the pacing at which your metrics are taken is at an acceptable speed. Measuring inconsistently, too imprecisely or too often can result in bad data and you will be chasing ghosts as far as customer satisfaction goes.

Second, consider opening alternate channels for customer service beyond help desks or call centers. Social networks, email and crowdsource customer service systems can greatly improve the speed and effectiveness of customer support without having to completely rework the system or artificially extend staff to an extreme. Chat systems also work well to alleviate some of the strain here.

Another thing to consider is more efficient integration of payment gateways and CRM with social platforms and data exchange. This makes it easier for a wide array of social account skeleton keys to synchronize with the payment systems and with the customer support systems to make it easy for people to log in without needing additional sign ups or logins they haven’t already used through their browsers recently.

One stop login and support like this is becoming a standard of practice, so there is no point in deliberately avoiding it at this point. We may as well accept it and embrace it.

Finally, consider having contingencies revised and refined so that you have immediate responses to all common problems, questions and requests that customers may pose. This will enable you to respond more quickly and be more competent and confident in the customers’ eyes, which will bolster greater faith, respect and admiration from them, and increase customer satisfaction all around.

Of course, you cannot completely predict the human animal, and there will forever be some element of unpredictability, and you can of course never please all of the people all of the time, so expect to never see a one hundred percent accomplishment of customer satisfaction foals in a real universe. Still, this is something that should always be strived for, and anyone who reaches a ninety eight percent level of goal fulfillment is doing as well as anyone can ever realistically expect to do, frankly

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe