Infographic: A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned

I love this infographic- it does a great job of demonstrating how companies lose a great deal of money by providing poor customer service. It explains how good customer service is essential for the success of a company and how it can not only help that organization expand its target market, but also boost its sales and increase its revenue at the same time.

A study by Shenkman Honig, a business consultancy firm in the US, found that American businesses lose $83 Billion annually due to poor customer service.

This Infographic explains how bad customer service affects a company, both financially and in terms of customer loss – approximately a fifth of the customers left a service they would use on a regular basis because of poor customer service, in 2012 alone.

It not only point out the wrongs, but it actually comes up with rational and efficient solutions that managers and business owners can use to boost their productivity without investing a lot of money.




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