Is Technology a Factor in Customer Happiness and Satisfaction


Gone are the days when customers are fully at the mercy of service providers. Airlines, for instance, you now have self-service check-in counters that are both a cost-avoidance feature that keeps airlines from deploying agents at the airport counters, and a customer-empowering feature that have delighted a large segment of the market served by these airlines. Some of the more progressive airlines allow customers to print their own boarding passes at home and just arrive at the airport to board. All of these are possible thanks to advances in technology, notably IT, which have increasingly become indispensable in meeting an increasingly demanding markets.

Technology has effectively moved the onus of satisfying customers from the company to the market. Even in the mundane area of help desks and call centers, technology has redefined how easier it is for customers to interact with companies. Automated voice response and knowledge base systems enable companies to respond to customer enquirers in a snap, while mobile and internet technologies enable customers to get immediate assistance from anywhere anytime. Several companies have evolved to provide a focused attention enabling small to large companies transition from a labor-intensive customer service into a more technology-centric service that empower their customers to satisfy themselves. Some are simply better at empowering the customer and providing better cost efficiencies to companies than other.

One of these companies is Bright Pattern, Inc. It offers the cloud-based ServicePatterns contact centers for sales and customer service. Its business founder and current CEO Konstantin Kishinsky is CEO had poised the questions:
“what makes the customer experience great and what makes the customer happy? Is it the service they receive, is the ease of use due to technology, or a bit of both? Is technology a factor in making the agents happy and therefore the customer happy?”

Konstantin has had many years in the industry (Genesys, FrontRange) and founded Bright Pattern precisely to address these questions. He further adds: “We can also probably put you in touch with a contact center that is building out a new facility with ample room for operators, common space, etc., and is using the ServicePattern platform.”

The ServicePattern is a hosted contact center system that can scale up to 5,000 call center agents. Companies can now upgrade their old overly complex and costly contact center infrastructure into a hosted system that takes away any one-time investment outlays while providing a secure and reliable call center and customer service management solution they can commission in a few days and customize within minutes. It offers the industry’s next generation end-to-end customer service solution using a cloud-based infrastructure that unifies mutichannel customer services that include IP-based inbound and outbound voice, web chat through the company’s own website, and other internet-based communications such as email, online help desk, knowledge base management, forums, customer relations management, social media monitoring, mobile texting and online surveys.

Bright Pattern provides the state-of-the-art ServicePattern platform for a fully integrated customer service management system that allows companies to manage the complete life cycle of customer service while economically enhancing its customer service experience that now defines 21st century competitive edge in many industries.

It seems that yes, technology is somewhat a factor in the customers experience.  Can this make them happy?  Who know, but we do know that it can get better.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe