iWatch Video – Is Apple in for a Customer Service Nightmare?

Apple’s iWatch and iPhone 6 launch was a big success.

But what now?

Surely, there will be a stampede of eager customers bombarding the store when the products are finally available for purchase.

Is the hype worth all the angry, disappointed customers who have to wait weeks for their products?

But here is where I see the REAL customer service nightmare-

While Apples products are amazing in many ways, the one area they certainly fall short is in the product’s delicate nature.

I’ve broken my iPhone at least 4 times in 2 years. It’s dying quickly.

With the delicate Apple screen around customer wrists, will the watch last more than a week before the accidental-watch-shower or catching your fall on your wrist?

Customers will expect long-term usage out of this expensive product. Will they get it or will Apple be in for its worst customer service stint yet?

All I know is I’m happy I don’t work on the Apple help line.

Watch the trailer here.

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