Liveperson Receives Awards for Customer Experience Excellence

Due to its massive success since it has launched, LiveEngage was named amongst the winners for the Best New Business Intelligence and Best Marketing Solution. For those who don’t know what liveperson is all about, they are a massive provider of real time intelligent engagement solutions that not only improve customer experience, but also increase conversions.

The company is also very well known for the dedicated workforce it employs, workforce which is customer and goals oriented, managing to come up with solutions to even the hardest and most challenging problems the company deals with. The awards for their LiveEngage product thus comes to no surprise after the company spent a long time developing it and invested millions of dollars into this release. There were not one, but 2 products named for the 2013 Stevie Awards which is definitely a good reason for the company and its employees to start celebrating.

To be more precise about the products nominated as the winners, LiveEngage has been awarded the prize because it’s the most effective marketing solution of the moment, helping people around the world succeed with their online businesses and more. On the other hand, LP Insights, the corporation’s other solution (which is a text analytics tool) has been awarded the Best New Business Intelligence prize. Taking a look at how the company did in the past, this is their third consecutive year in which they have been “eyed” by the Stevie Awards.

LiveEngage, which is one of the main platforms the company has worked on, has competed against more than eleven hundred entries from a plethora of organizations around the world, varying in size and pertaining to different industries. In order to receive the award, the company’s product had to enhance performance in customer service, sales, contact center and also provide value.

The product basically offers real time engagement capabilities, some of them including video chat, targeted content, voice, chat across all digital properties. Through segmentation and advanced intelligence tools, now business can now create and deploy automated and much targeted campaigns, managing to deliver personalized and powerful customer experiences.

Being awarded this prize the company has demonstrated that their LiveEngage product is the result of a new and innovative technology and process which can easily transform the way a company functions and its success path.

LiveEngage is a real time, end to end engagement platform which allows any business to engage customers intelligently based on a true and real time understanding of what their needs are. Because it integrates content, voice and chat seamlessly, but also extra capabilities, it’s able to create a multimedia and multi channel engagement platform by mixing robust business intelligence with complex technology. The results are measurable and compelling results for contact center executives, marketing and e-commerce, but also for small business operators and owners.

With that being said, it seems that LiveEngage will permanently change the way companies of any size will do business from now on. By creating differentiated customer experiences in the marketplace, business will finally manage to increase their profits and deliver a more targeted experience for their clients.


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