Customer Service and Support – Make Things Easier for Everyone

Booking a flights online, paying the electricity bill and everything else that enables us to live and survive is online these days . Everybody needs to use websites that demand some sort of usability. Its not just businesses who use technology, but the customers too. No matter how internet smart the customers become, it can still be very hard to guide through a site. This can be annoying to the user.

Improvements in the usability can increase performance of the product, create more conversions and generate happy customers. But this isn’t so easy to achieve.

To help enable this easy use of your website, there are tools that can help things along.

You can create a video tutorial of ‘how to’ of your site! This is visual and therefore easy for everyone to understand. Everyone wants to watch a video so why not give it a try.

You can also try using a help file tool. kind of like a FAQ to help users. The customers want it easy, so make it easy for them!

You can also use WalkMe. They provide a step-by-step interactive guide for your website or application. This dramatically takes the little questions away from your staff that increase their productivity and give more attention to customers who require help with substantial tasks.

When customers feel in control and are instantly gratified by the queries they have, it means your brand is safe and the customers are happy. No more struggling on your website.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe