Multi-Channel Customer Service Upgraded Thanks to Parature

Agent efficiency is vital to the productiveness and success of a call center.  there are many tools out there that can help and one very good tool comes from the team at Parature.   These guys may be a global leader already, but this week they announced that they were improving their service with significant upgrades in tracking Service Level Agreements, more powerful rules for routing and alerting, updates to the Mobile Service Desk, new rules-based custom email templates and a new, intuitive interface to create reports faster and deliver them in more formats.

Some of their big named customers were also pleased by the upgrade so clearly this is a great thing.

“We’re excited about this latest version of the Parature Service Desk,” said Eric McKirdy, Global Customer Care Manager at “New features like automation, advanced reporting, custom email templates and the improvements to the Mobile Service Desk allow to provide faster and more personal customer care to our millions of users.”

“This is a release that everyone should be excited about,” said Anne-Marie Bitman, VP of Customer Support at Personify. “With more than 30 new features, I believe we will be implementing almost all of them. We are a data driven organization, and the new reporting capabilities will allow us to make better business decisions.

“The improvements to the Mobile Service Desk allow my staff and consultants to create and update tickets when away from the office,” continued Bitman. “The new Ticket level SLAs will be crucial for us to monitor response and resolution SLA health.”

In my opinion, having a multi channel support system is vital to the contact center.  Customers being able to contact the business via Self Service tools, social, chat, phone and email with efficiency is key.  So why not use a tool like Parature that has the customer in mind, and helps manage the call center too.

Read the full press release here 


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