A Look at Multichannel Customer Service in 2016

Let’s talk for a second about multichannel customer service, in the age where “one size fits all” no longer applies.

In 2016, customer service includes opening more channels of communication than ever before.With the combination of traditional forms of support, like phone or email, and digital customer support channels, like social media and self-service.

This infographic by Datamark helps us better understand the concept of multichannel support, through some useful statistics based on a customer survey they conducted.

The infographic also details what customers feel a successful customer service is and what makes them upset. For example, 22% feel being switched to another agent makes them snap, and 27% believe the most important aspect of a satisfying customer experience is a friendly and knowledgeable agent.


Compare where you stand with what your customers expect from customer service.

Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.